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by Wallace C. Donoghue


Creative Health Products is your primary source for Skinfold Calipers. We handle most brands and at discount prices. While the calipers vary considerably in appearance, size, materials, price, etc., most will produce reasonably accurate results if used properly. Of course the higher priced professional calipers are slightly more accurate and professional looking than the low cost calipers. Of great importance in the use of any of the calipers is the technique used in measuring skinfolds. It is very important that the proper procedures be used. Our 22-page book: "How to Measure Your % Bodyfat" describes the prodcedures in detail with illustrations.


SM-1000 SKYNDEX I. This unique caliper has a built in computer which calculates and displays % bodyfat directly on its digital readout, eliminating the necessity to add the readings and compute the % bodyfat from formulas or tables. Ideal for those who need to measure a lot of people quickly or want to reduce the chance of errors. Available with Durnin, Jackson-Pollock and Slaughter-Lohman formulas. Only one program is in each caliper and the desired formula needs to be specified when ordering. The calipers can be furnished with two formulas for an additional $75.00. One year warranty.


SM-1200 SKYNDEX II. This is basically the same as the Skyndex I except it does not have the built in computer. It has an easy to read digital readout and a “hold” feature. After the jaws have settled into the skinfold and the user is satisfied with the reading the hold button pushed and will lock the reading on the digital display until it can be written down. A second push on the hold button returns the caliper to “0” ready for the next measurement. One year warranty.


C-136 HARPENDEN. This has been the standard research caliper for many years. Most of the data, equations, tables, etc., relating skinfold thickness to % bodyfat in use today are based on studies done using the Harpenden. It is also the most accurate being within +/- 0.2mm and can be read to the nearest 0.1mm, although this accuracy is greater than is necessary for ordinary % bodyfat determinations. One year warranty.

C-130 LANGE. This is the best selling of the high priced calipers. It has been manufactured since 1962 and is widely used in schools, colleges, fitness centers, etc. This is one of the lower cost professional calipers and because of our very high sales volume we are able to discount it heavily. Convenient size and easy to use. One year warranty.


C-120 SLIM GUIDE. Much lower priced than any of the above calipers, yet will produce results that are almost as accurate and is suitable for professional use. This is the most widely used professional caliper in the world. Easy to use with convenient pistol grip and trigger. Made of ABS plastic it is the most durable of all calipers. The Slim Guide can also be privately branded for companies purchasing in bulk and wishing their name on it. Life time warranty.

C-115 Accu-Measure. Popular home use caliper with feature that allows user to measure themselves in the privacy of their own home rather than have someone else do it. Comes complete with instructions.

C-112 FAT-O-METER. A low priced economy caliper. Small and lightweight, it can be conveniently carried in a pocket. Suitable for home use or professionals whose budget will not permit the purchase of the higher priced calipers. One year warranty.

C-111 Budget Promotional Caliper. A very small one piece plastic caliper with a unique spring arm to apply the correct pressure to the skinfold rather than springs. This caliper is designed primarily for bulk sales to companies, using them as a “give away” with the purchase of a higher priced product in a promotion. We have privately branded this for companies such as Nordic Track, Cybergenics, AAHPERD, Ken Coopers Aerobic Fitness Center, Prudential, etc. But we do sell them individually and it is the lowest cost caliper on the market. Click HERE for extremely low bulk quantity and private branded prices


C-140 Speed Rule: This is not a skinfold caliper, but an accessory for use with skinfold calipers. It is a slide rule type of device for rapidly computing % bodyfat from the sum of the caliper readings. Usable with all makes of skinfold calipers and is faster and easier than using tables or formulas to compute % bodyfat. Uses the Jackson-Pollock formulas which are best for lean people. Most accurate formula for men approximately 12% or below, and women approximately 14% or below.


C-150 BOOK: “How To Measure % Bodyfat”. This 22-page book explains in detail, and with illustrations, how to measure % bodyfat. It includes the Durnin and Womersly conversion data in easy to use tables. Published since 1976, revised and updated periodically, this is the most widely used book explaining how to measure bodyfat, and it is sold in college bookstores nationwide for use in classes.

We keep in stock all of the calipers shown in the price list below except as noted. Shipment is usually made within one day of receiving your order. Retail price is shown for reference only. Your price is the CHP discount price in the right hand column. Prices are as of March, 1998. Prices are subject to change without notice if manufacturer changes their price. Creative Health Products also sells Infrared and Bio-Impedance type body fat testers. See main catalog for information on these.

NOTE: Retail prices for reference only. Your price is the CHP discount prices shown in chart below.

Item No.    


Retail Price 


SM-1000 Skyndex I Computerized Digital Caliper (includes storage case) $450.00 $359.00
SM-1200 Skyndex II Digital 240.00 199.00
C-136 Harpenden (includes storage case) 450.00 349.00
C-130 Lange (includes storage case) 251.00 198.00
C-120 Slim Guide 29.95 29.95
C-115 Accu-Measure 19.95 17.50
C-112 Fat-O-Meter 17.95 14.95
C-111 Budget Caliper 8.95 7.25
C-140 Speed Rule (Jackson-Pollock) 14.95 12.95
C-150 Book - "How To Measure % Bodyfat" 2.00 2.00
V-126 Video - Body Caliper Video 5.00 5.00


* NOTE: Prices subject to change without notice.

Please add shipping as follows:

Skyndex I, Skyndex II, Harpenden, Lange                                      $7.00
Slim Guide, Fat-O-Meter, Accu-measure & Budget Caliper       $5.00
Speed Rule or C-150 Book                                                             $3.00